Associate Scientist at United Therapeutics
McDevitt Lab Graduate Student 2007-11
Project Title:
“Fluid shear pre-conditioning of embryonic stem cell differentiation”


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
Iowa State University

Research Interests

The application of fluid shear stress to ESCs enhances vascular differentiation .  Current studies have assessed the effects of fluid shear stress immediately after application, but very few studies have assessed the effects of fluid shear stress on ESC vascular differentiation hours or days after applying fluid shear stress.   My research investigates fluid shear stress preconditioning on long term ESC differentiation within embryoid bodies (EBs). Preconditioning ESCs with fluid shear stress can potentially lead to a new method for generating vascular cells and address challenges in vascular cell sourcing.


Georgia Tech President’s Fellowship (2008)

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2007 - 2010)

Georgia Tech/Emory Center (GTEC) Diversity Fellowship 2007

Nsiah BA, Ahsan T, Griffiths S, Cooke MT, Nerem RM, McDevitt TC. Fluid shear stress pre-conditioning promotes endothelial morphogenesis of embryonic stem cells within embryoid bodies. Tissue Engineering Part A. 2014;.