Graduate Research Assistant
NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Whitaker International Fellow
Project Title:
“Stem cell immunology”


Outstanding Senior Award in Biomedical Engineering Department - 2013  

Helen Grenga Outstanding Woman Engineer Award by the College of Engineering - 2012  

Whitaker International Fellowship - 2012  

Petit Undergraduate Research Scholars - 2011  

National Science Foundation Fellowship - 2011  

President's Undergraduate Research Awards - 2009-2012  

Recent Publications:

Bratt-Leal AM, Nguyen AH, Hammersmith KA, Singh A, McDevitt TC. A microparticle approach to morphogen delivery within pluripotent stem cell aggregates. Biomaterials. 2013;.
Purpura KA, Bratt-Leal AM, Hammersmith KA, McDevitt TC, Zandstra PW. Systematic engineering of 3D pluripotent stem cell niches to guide blood development. Biomaterials. 2012;.