Postdoctoral Fellow
Co-Advised by Johnna Temenoff, PhD
Project Title:
“Molecular engineering of GAG-based biomaterials”


Tobias studied Pharmaceutical Sciences in Berlin, Germany, and continued his graduate education within an industry/academic partnership between EMD Serono and the University of Regensburg, Germany. He gained most of his research experience in the laboratories of EMD Serono which allowed him to receive a broad overview of processes ranging from early stage drug discovery to GMP manufacturing. Being under supervision of Prof Achim Goepferich at the University of Regensburg, his PhD research focussed on the investigation of polymeric micelles as drug delivery systems for hydrophobic drugs. His expertise spans the preparation and physico-chemical analysis of nanoparticle delivery systems, and biodistribution studies of drugs and polymeric excipients.


State examination in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Free University of Berlin, Germany

Dr. rer. nat. (German doctorate degree in natural sciences, PhD equivalent)
University of Regensburg, Germany

Research Interests

Tobias has a joint appointment as a postdoctoral fellow in the Temenoff and McDevitt laboratories since 2012. The combined expertise of both laboratories gives him the opportunity to apply newly designed biomaterials to the field of stem cell culture and processing. His current research is focussed on developing a drug delivery platform for morphogen delivery to stem cells.

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