Christopher Baker's picture
Christopher Baker
Undergraduate Researcher
Priya Baraniak,'s picture
Priya Baraniak,
Scientist and Head of Sales and Technical Marketing at RoosterBio Inc.
McDevitt Lab Postdoctoral Fellow 2008-12
Geoffrey Berguig's picture
Geoffrey Berguig
PhD Candidate University of Washington
McDevitt Lab Undergraduate Researcher 2006-2007
Marissa Bolton's picture
Marissa Bolton
Undergraduate Researcher
Andres Bratt-Leal,'s picture
Andres Bratt-Leal,
Senior Researcher - The Scripps Research Institute
McDevitt Lab Graduate Student 2006-11
Olivia Burnsed's picture
Olivia Burnsed
Graduate Student
NSF IGERT – Stem Cell Biomanufacturing Trainee
Jessica Butts's picture
Jessica Butts
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
NSF IGERT Stem Cell Biomanufacturing Trainee
Rich Carpenedo,'s picture
Rich Carpenedo,
Postdoctoral Fellow, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
McDevitt Lab Graduate Student 2004-10
Catherine Chou's picture
Catherine Chou
Undergraduate Researcher
Marissa Cooke's picture
Marissa Cooke
Research Operations Manager 2008-2014
Marta Costa's picture
Marta Costa
Visiting Graduate Student
Instituto Superior Técnico
Ima Ebong,'s picture
Ima Ebong,
Medical Student at University of Kentucky College of Medicine
McDevitt Lab Graduate Student 2004-7
Lindsay Fitzpatrick,'s picture
Lindsay Fitzpatrick,
Assistant Professor, Queens University
McDevitt Lab Postdoctoral Fellow 2012-2013
Amy Foley's picture
Amy Foley
Lab Manager
Research Project Coordinator
Krista Fridley,'s picture
Krista Fridley,
Laboratory Consultant at MIDSCI
McDevitt Lab Post-doc 2011-13
Melissa Goude's picture
Melissa Goude
McDevitt Lab Masters Student 2011-2014
Fiona Griffin's picture
Fiona Griffin
National University of Ireland Galway
Visiting Graduate Student 2013-2014
Sarah Griffiths,'s picture
Sarah Griffiths,
Technical Application Scientist at Irvine Scientific
McDevitt Lab Research Scientist 2012-2014
Katy Hammersmith's picture
Katy Hammersmith
Graduate Research Assistant
NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Whitaker International Fellow
Marian Hettiaratchi's picture
Marian Hettiaratchi
Graduate Research Assistant
NSERC Graduate Research Fellow
Tracy Hookway's picture
Tracy Hookway
American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellow
David Joy's picture
David Joy
Graduate Student
Serah Kang's picture
Serah Kang
Postdoctoral Fellow
M. Ariel Kauss's picture
M. Ariel Kauss
Graduate Student
Melissa Kinney's picture
Melissa Kinney
Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard / MIT
McDevitt Lab Graduate Student 2009-2014
Alyssa Kitchel,'s picture
Alyssa Kitchel,
Project Scientist, Kimberly-Clark
McDevitt Lab Graduate Student 2006-11
Ashley Libby's picture
Ashley Libby
Graduate Student
Co-advised by Bruce Conklin
Hillary Lynch's picture
Hillary Lynch
Undergraduate Researcher
Christian Mandrycky's picture
Christian Mandrycky
Research Technician
Ross Marklein,'s picture
Ross Marklein,
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, FDA ORISE
McDevitt Lab Undergraduate Researcher 2006-07
Oriane Matthys's picture
Oriane Matthys
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Dylan McCreedy's picture
Dylan McCreedy
Postdoctoral Fellow
Alex McKinlay's picture
Alex McKinlay
McDevitt Lab Masters Student 2011-2014
Co-Advised by Hang Lu, PhD
Jay McKinney, Jr.'s picture
Jay McKinney, Jr.
Undergraduate Researcher
Tobias Miller,'s picture
Tobias Miller,
Postdoctoral Fellow
Co-Advised by Johnna Temenoff, PhD
Kavya Muddukumar's picture
Kavya Muddukumar
Undergraduate Researcher
Rekha Nair,'s picture
Rekha Nair,
Scientist at Asterias Biotherapeutics
McDevitt Lab Graduate Student 2004-09
Mohamad Ali Najia's picture
Mohamad Ali Najia
Undergraduate Researcher 2011-2015
Petit Undergraduate Research Scholar
Ajay Naran's picture
Ajay Naran
Undergraduate Researcher
Vaishaali Natarajan's picture
Vaishaali Natarajan
Postdoctoral Fellow
Anh Nguyen's picture
Anh Nguyen
Graduate Research Assistant
NSF Graduate Research Fellow & NIH Cell & Tissue Engineering training grant fellow
Barbara Nsiah,'s picture
Barbara Nsiah,
Associate Scientist at United Therapeutics
McDevitt Lab Graduate Student 2007-11
Elizabeth Peijnenburg's picture
Elizabeth Peijnenburg
Medical School, Emory University
McDevitt Lab Research Technician 2013-2014
Rabbia Saeed's picture
Rabbia Saeed
McDevitt Lab Research Technician 2010-2013
Carolyn Sargent,'s picture
Carolyn Sargent,
New Concept and Technology Scientist, Kimberly Clark
McDevitt Lab Graduate Student 2005-10
Scott Seaman's picture
Scott Seaman
Graduate Research Assistant, University of Virginia
McDevitt Lab Undergraduate Researcher 2007-09
Jessica Sepulveda's picture
Jessica Sepulveda
Bridges to the Baccalaureate Program
Ben Shepperd's picture
Ben Shepperd
Undergraduate Researcher
Shreya Shukla's picture
Shreya Shukla
PhD Candidate University of Toronto
McDevitt Lab Undergraduate Researcher 2005-2007
Ana Silvia's picture
Ana Silvia
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ankur Singh,'s picture
Ankur Singh,
Assistant Professor, Cornell University
McDevitt Lab Postdoctoral Fellow 2011-13
Sraeyess Sridhar's picture
Sraeyess Sridhar
Undergraduate Researcher
Denise Sullivan's picture
Denise Sullivan
Graduate Research Assistant
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Ken Sutha,'s picture
Ken Sutha,
Resident, University of Washington
McDevitt Lab Graduate Student 2008-12
Nikki Votaw's picture
Nikki Votaw
Undergraduate Researcher
Yun Wang's picture
Yun Wang
Research Scientist
Doug White's picture
Doug White
Graduate Research Assistant
NSF IGERT Stem Cell Biomanufacturing Trainee & NSF EBICS Trainee
Jenna Wilson's picture
Jenna Wilson
Ph.D. Candidate
NSF IGERT Stem Cell Biomanufacturing Trainee
Josh Zimmermann's picture
Josh Zimmermann
Postdoctoral Fellow
NSF Graduate Research Fellow